Business and Commercial

Our Accredited Business Law Specialists provide expert support for your commercial transactions

Business and Commercial Law

The practice’s business and commercial law work centres on mergers and acquisitions of all kinds, for listed and unlisted entities. Allied to this are issues such as confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, heads of agreement, legal due diligence, business structuring and securitisation.

The firm has particular experience in relation to professional practices, including medical, pharmacy, accounting and financial planning. This includes practice structuring, mergers, partnership admissions and retirements, as well as service and other associated entity arrangements.

Fleming Muntz lawyers also have particular experience and expertise in trust compliance and transactions, including vesting, resettlement issues and cloning. We often provide specific advice to other lawyers on unusual trust issues, ensuring that lawyer retains the relationship with his or her client.

Some significant recent transactions include:
  • The sale of several professional practice groups to listed and venture capital entities
  • National acquisition program for the newly established Australian subsidiary of a listed foreign company.

Notarial Services

Clients with international interests or dealings often need documents ‘notarised’ by a notary public. A notary is a senior lawyer appointed by the Supreme Court of NSW and invested with authority recognised under International Law.
Notary Seal
Ian Byles has been appointed a notary public for NSW and is available for any notarial functions. Fees are charged in accordance with the scale prepared by The Society of Notaries of NSW Inc.

Almost all notarial work involves preparation of some documentation and we ask to have documents at least 24 hours before your appointment so that we can determine exactly what is needed and advise you of the cost before proceeding. In some circumstances, the notary’s certificate itself needs to be verified by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade on behalf of the Australian Government in a separate document called an ‘apostille’.

Notaries must observe to the highest ethical and practice standards in matters such as identification and authenticity of documents. Even with longstanding clients, we will ask to take a copy of a current passport or other internationally recognised document for identification.